How to Sketch Human Figures


Sketching human figures is an essential skill for any architect or hobby sketcher in order to make sketched spaces more understandable and relatable.

Here are 3 Reasons Why integrating human figures in architectural sketches is important.

01/ Architecture is for People

Generally speaking, architecture is about creating spaces for people and therefore it makes sense to add people into spaces which are meant for them.

02/ Storytelling

By populating our sketches, we depict more lively environments and we create greater opportunities to express our idea, because people are the key element of storytelling.

03/ Sense of Scale

Finally, and most importantly, human figures add a sense of scale to our sketches. Therefore, we should always refer to a human figure when defining the scale of sketched spaces and surroundings.

Get better at sketching Human Figures by practicing with this Free Downloadable Worksheet!

Download Free Printable Worksheet for Human Figures!

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    If you want more in-depth material on how to:

    • sketch human figures based on the right proportions

    • incorporate them into perspective sketches

    • and work with them to build a sketched composition in the right scale

    then check out my PDF Handbook or join my Online Course for more video demonstrations.

    Happy sketching!